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Commercial Staging

1880-1920's Historic Home Museum Project

The Museum project was a major commercial staging in that it required lots of research in homes and architecture at the turn of the 20th Century. There was a blending of local culture that needed to be represented in addition to adding curated furniture, accessories, artwork and linens from a 1880's archival collection.  The home highlights a distinct period when homes were just starting to use electricity but relied on oil lamps and candles due to its inconsistent availability. It also includes the use of faux food to recreate an authentic experience. 

Historic homes in this time period did not have matching furniture similar to our modern design styles and was built on wheels in order to rearrange rooms more easily to suit the needs of the family to entertain and later experience daily life in the same room. And since servants were little to no cost, rearranging and changing of the room's function was of little concern and done frequently

Before and After
Video Footage

Medical Spa Project

This medical spa room was updated to make the treatment room feel less like a doctor's office and more like a Serene Retreat. Venetian plaster was added to the walls to create a textured look. A selection of healing gemstones and aromatherapy infusions was mixed with the natural sounds of running water. The use of lighting was key in creating the spa-like environment.  The over-sized mirror was replaced by a reclaimed wood framed mirror and shelves for supplies. Remote controlled illuminated natural gemstones and Himalayan salt were added to create a serene atmosphere and additional lighting when the lights are turned off during treatments. 






The Transformation

 Adding a pop of color, lighted artwork, a wall fountain and changing the wall texture was important to creating a spa atmosphere.

Office Update Project

This outdated office was in need of a quick and easy update. The room was being used as a storage/junk room and needed professional organization,a color consultation, and smart design options due to its small size. It had an outdated 1990's style oak desk with built-ins and brass knobs and a lot of junk! 

This space was quickly updated with a design that increased the usable space and made it feel light and airy. Incorporating key natural and holistic elements--running water, massive Himalayan salt lamps and lighter colors not only brightens the space, but has a positive psychological impact on employees, boosting morale and productivity.

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